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commissioned photography

Ariane Toussaint is specialised in performance, exhibition, opening photography and art work documentation.
For commissions, please contact her here: arianejudithtoussaint@gmail.com

Clients include: 1646, Page Not Found, Hgtomi Rosa, Luis Maly, Whiii Studio, Liza Houben, Hannah Reede, Laurence Aëgerter, Galerie Binome, Musée du Petit Palais

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Patchwork workshop - Royal Academy of Art The Hague

Patchwork workshop for the students of the Royal Academy of Art The Hague to learn patchwork and quilting techniques, 2023.

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Patchwork workshop - Trixie

Patchwork workshop at artist-run space Trixie to learn patchwork and quilting techniques, The Hague, 2023

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kids art workshop

Kids workshop for the Western School of Meditation, 2022, Jura (FR)
In collaboration with Juliette Bensimon

Five days to collect plants and flowers in the woods, create herbariums, play with cyanotypes, fold dozens of paper plane, write postcards for the ones we love, climb in the trees, make a gigantic drawing, go for a treasure hunt, invite everyone to our finale exhibition... Creating works in a complete cycle.