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Chapter 2–Claudine

"What I’m going to tell you is no fun. I’ll tell you about death, suffering, trauma and pain. But I will also tell you about love and human relationships—about the kind of love that I have for my aunt, for my whole family. I can’t help but yearn for physical touch, for warm hugs that are almost so suffocating, but somehow feel so good. There is love in my family, but it is not expressed. Above all: not too much hugging... kissing—sometimes. I love to hug my brothers, my mother, and my father. My father and I went out for dinner the other day, it was great... when we came home, I would’ve loved a proper hug. Not just a quick kiss goodnight. My project speaks of trauma and darkness. However it is here to liberate speech, create a warm feeling, become a proof of love."

Shortlisted for Kassel Dummy Award 2019

Read here a review about the book (Sabrina Mandanici, Collector Daily)

Design: Anna Moschioni
Details: 104 pages, open spine, Munken and Biotop paper, handmade book cover with wallpaper and fabric
1st edition: 50 copies (sold out)
2nd edition: 70 copies (sold out)

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by silence

'By Silence' is the story of a man whose parents lost a daughter, before he was born. He asked me to write the story to break the taboo. I wondered: where was this sister? Was she present by her evanescence? How could the photographic medium show this absence? The work weaves a relationship to trauma, which has no place in the past and remains a constant present. The book narrates the story of the family, and an installation with fabrics that catch and obstruct light suggests the unveiling of a secret.

Design: Zahari Dimitrov
Details: 90 pages, 20x28 cm, Munken and Fuego Felt paper, swiss binding with embossed soft cover, bilingual edition French/English
Edition: 30 copies (sold out)

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Printed portfolio with works from 2016 to 2020. Made with a xerox copy machine, unique piece.

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A conversation...

A conversation about Roald Dahl, the struggle of archiving, Jonathan’s armchairs and stealing pots in cemeteries.
16 pages, 28 x 20 cm.

A zine about the artistic process, designed by Anna Moschioni and with excerpts of Ariane Toussaint's notebooks.

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Corpse Pose

Fabric book, unique piece, 12 pages, around 26 x 39 cm.

This textile book originates in a photographic work portraying a woman in 'corpse pose' (shavasana), covered with objects and memorabilia. The photograph was then overlayed with a transparent paper and text fragments were written, evoked by the memories encased in these objects. As a final step, the printed textile maps and embodies this act of remembering, as well as it sets free from the weight of those belongings.

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guide for a meditative approach to photography

In this leaflet designed by Zahari Dimitrov, every step of a guided meditation is translated in a step of the photographic process.