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'together' aprons

A set of 19 aprons designed and silkscreened in collaboration with Zahari Dimitrov, on the occasion of the exhibition opening 'A Typo in the Book of the Self' at KO-OP, during the festival FIG. TREE, Sofia (BG). Inspired by a souvenir flag commemorating a congress of the Bulgarian Communist Party; and traditional Bulgarian aprons. Each of the four sides of the apron has a word in cyrillic, which translates as: art; childhood; books; together.

The apron is made of cotton and linnen and the edges are machine hemmed. The ties are made from black and red braids, worked in knitting wool. Each apron is 50 x 50 cm.

If you are interested in buying one please contact: arianejudithtoussaint@gmail.com

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risograph prints

The Painting
The Horseshoe
The Plastic Gloves

Three risograph prints from the book 'Chapter 2—Claudine'.

Paper size: 42 x 29,7 cm
Image size: 31 x 23 cm
Each image in edition of 30, numbered and signed
Risographed at Terry Bleu, Amsterdam (NL)

If you are interested in buying one please contact: arianejudithtoussaint@gmail.com

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PORTFOLIO 'Chapter 2—Claudine'

The full series of 14 photographs from the book 'Chapter 2—Claudine', printed on fine art paper and wrapped in a handmade portfolio.
Edition of 5.
Size: 42 x 29,7 cm.

For purchasing the portfolio, please contact: arianejudithtoussaint@gmail.com

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Chapter 2–Claudine

A story about family, hoarding, love and loneliness

My great-aunt Claudine is a hoarder. Her life and her house depend on a delicate balance between love and loneliness. Photographing her house has been a motive to bond, as we share the same collecting obsession. Her interior seemed chaotic to the stranger I was; after investigation, it revealed its own logic.

Shortlisted for Kassel Dummy Award 2019

Order: arianejudithtoussaint@gmail.com

Design: Anna Moschioni

Details: 104 pages, open spine, Munken and Biotop paper, handmade book cover with wallpaper and fabric

1st edition: 50 copies (sold out)

2nd edition: 70 copies (sold out)

Price: 35 euros

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By Silence

'By Silence' is inspired by my encounter with a sociologist whose parents lost a daughter at a very young age, even before he was born. Devastated but worthy, they raised their other children with the weight of an absent sister.
I asked myself: where was this sister? Was she present by her evanescence? How could the photographic medium represent this absence? I searched for her in natural forms, in collective imagery and in the words of the family. As if on a path, she plays hide-and-seek with sculptures, faces and bodies that evoke meditation and retreat.
With photography, I represent this resistance of memory to time. I mix layers of time and types of images; archive images and my own material. There is a relationship to trauma, which has no place in the past and remains a constant present. Putting this sister back in the past, giving her a tomb and making the archaeology of her story and her death.

Design: Zahari Dimitrov
Details: bilingual French/English, 90 pages, 20 x 28 cm, Munken 90gms and Fuego Felt White 260gms paper, handmade swiss binding with embossed soft cover
Edition of 30 copies (sold out)