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Chapter 2–Claudine (book)

A story about family, hoarding, love and loneliness

My great-aunt Claudine is a hoarder. Her life and her house depend on a delicate balance between love and loneliness. Photographing her house has been a motive to bond, as we share the same collecting obsession. Her interior seemed chaotic to the stranger I was; after investigation, it revealed its own logic.

Shortlisted for Kassel Dummy Award 2019

Order: arianejudithtoussaint@gmail.com

Design: Anna Moschioni

Details: 104 pages, open spine, Munken and Biotop paper, handmade book cover with wallpaper and fabric

1st edition: 50 copies

2nd edition: 70 copies

Price: 35 euros

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For purchasing prints, please contact: arianejudithtoussaint@gmail.com